Training Testimonials


Regular Adventure Pup

I cannot recommend Paws Adventure more highly. Brace has been focusing on loose lead walking and has improved significantly in just a few sessions. He is always so excited when he sees one of the girls collecting him, doing circle work and a little dance in anticipation of his adventure.  He is more confident and well behaved around other dogs now and generally a lot more happier. 


Training Client

The team at Paws Adventure, specifically Leah has changed our life completely! Bear is a very nervous reactive dog that also pulled a lot during his walk. Previous ‘balanced trainer’ we had, had Bear fitted with a head haltie / slip collar/ double ended leash to control his pulling, and told us to ‘walk more confidently’ - Very vague instruction with little to no implementable technique, not to mention those new restraints were very uncomfortable for Bear. Needless to say, a few months later, we were still having issues with no visible improvements. And we heard about Paws Adventure from word of mouth. From the very first session, Leah has taught us simple, actionable techniques and strategies that we could implement right away. Literally, at the initial greeting at the door, she has instructed us to remove the haltie/double ended leash and we have never looked back since! Instead of having to rely on those uncomfortable restraints, she has taught us actual skills to improve his behaviours. So since that very first day, we have not used halties/ slip collar /double ended leash again. With consistent training sessions with Leah, as well as training at home using the technique we’ve learned from her, we are now able to walk around the park without having to look around our environment every 5 seconds and feeling stressed all the time. We are now at the point where we are actually able to enjoy our walk with Bear – and I’m sure Bear enjoys his restraints free walk, too!

One thing I really appreciate with Leah’s approach is that the length she goes to ensure each dog’s training sessions are maximised. For example, on a several occasions she has organised with one of her staff and their dog, to come along to his session, so that Bear could cross paths with them and get some training in to work on reducing his reactivity. I didn’t even have to ask for that!

During hand over session (Due to Leah’s materiny leave), she made sure to arrive at my place first, and organised another staff member (Rose) to come by little later so we could do further training together, introducing new people to the house. The little attention to detail and logistics really puts my mind at ease. The Paws Adventure team has been amazing for Bear and I have already recommended their service to a lot of people. If you have a reactive dog that needs training – or if you just need someone super fun and reliable to look after your furchild – then Paws Adventure is for you! Oh! Also would like to add that Leah and Rose are vet nurses!!!!!! It was a massive deciding factor in deciding on Paws Adventure, as Bear was a frequent flyer to the vet – always getting into random trouble out on the walks like stepping on pointy seeds, spraining, snorting grass seeds etc. so it’s a huuuuuge peace of mind, knowing that he is in capable hands if he were to find himself in trouble. Thanks for all your help so far! Bear, Marina and Sam 


Training client & Casual Adventure Pup

We contacted Leah at Paws Adventure Daycare Adelaide for some help with our 2 year old Dalmatian, Ollie and are so pleased we did.  Ollie was well socialised from a pup and generally a happy player amongst her 4 legged friends.  Over time however she developed the bad habit of barking, growling (and basically going bananas) when she saw or passed another dog on the lead. Off lead she was a happy camper of course!  We thought we could shake this bad behaviour with the life lessons we knew, but how wrong we were! 

Leah trained us (owners) on how dogs think, why they react and how we need to act in the moment.  She made us see that Ollie's reactions were a sign of nervousness and not anger towards other dogs approaching. Leah got us practicing practical skills in real life situations, focusing back to the basics using positive reinforcement with repetition of recalls and games to stimulate Ollie's focus back on us. We trained at the local park where Leah could see it all first hand.  

We now practice these on our daily outings and even after the first session could see positive results.  We still have a way to go to calm down her reactions when on the lead however understanding what triggers Ollie has dramatically improved our experience and is slowly minimising reaction times.  We already have one very happy pup and more confident owners!  Ollie now attends Leah's group daycare once a month, which she continues to work with Ollie.  


Training client & Casual Adventure Pup

Remy had an incident with a large dog when he was only 6 months old. As a result he became nervous around other dogs and started some fearful behaviours towards other dogs.

Since Leah began working with Remy, he has started to look to interact and socialise with other dogs. I have become a more confident owner and am understanding what his body language is telling me. Leah has put a lot of herself into developing her relationship and trust with Remy and I am loving the videos and photos she texts me to show me how well he is doing in his sessions.

I highly recommend Paws Adventure Daycare because they genuinely love what they are doing.


Training client & Regular Adventure Pup

I am so glad my friend recommended Paws Adventure to me, and honestly couldn’t recommend it more! It’s such a sigh of relief to see such big progress in a short amount of time with my dog’s anxiety and socialising issues.

I love having someone working with my dog when I’m busy doing long days at work. Leah & Rose are both such kind, enthusiastic dog people and it’s great to know my dog is in safe hands with people who are passionate about their work.

I highly recommend Paws Adventure to anyone who is struggling or lacking the time to socialise their dog or work on the little behaviour issues!


Training client & Casual Adventure Pup

Lulu has come so far since Leah and her team have been looking after her. In recent years she has formed slight aggression towards other dogs, Leah has been able to socialise Lulu in only a few short months and now she happily plays with other dogs in Leah's care.

We've notice a big change in Lulu, she seems calmer and happier and we can now take her for walks without worrying. We've learnt a lot about Lulu and how to manage her around other dogs and it's so nice to see her playful again. We love that we get photos and videos too!

Thanks so much Leah!


Training client & Regular Adventure Pup

I asked Leah to help me with my golden retriever, Moose. He is reactive on walks, mostly to dogs and becomes a bit fearful. Leah was wonderful and taught me techniques to get Moosey‘s attention on walks. He has picked it up very quickly and is making huge improvements. This was such a relief as Leah was the second trainer I had in, and it’s only with her that Moose is getting better. Leah really cares for the outcome of your dogs and makes the homework easy to complete with your dog. Moose and I are now able to walk past houses with dogs in the yard without Moose having a meltdown and our walks are becoming more and more fun/relaxing each day. As they should be!

Update 2021:

 I took moose to the beach many times over my holidays - he was on and off of the lead and was *nearly a perfect angel! Hardly any reactivity to other dogs. He’s so much better! And I think it’s a all to do with the adventures he’s had with you and Rose! So a big big thank you from me and Moosey! It seems if I drive him away from the house somewhere and then go for a walk his reactivity is better. Anyway, it’s great that moose is so much better. So thank you again


Training client

I am so amazed at the progress I have seen in my rescue pup, Rocky, since he has been going for training with Leah, doing Solo Madness sessions. Leah is highly skilled and has a deep understanding of dogs and dog behaviour. I trust Leah to take care of my dog and he is always ecstatic to see her.


Previously an Adventure Pup

Leah was so helpful and patient with Nylah. I have already noticed a difference on her walks and bonus she was exhausted after her 1 hour training session.