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Dog giving a high five


Need your dog out of the house for the day?

Look no further!

Daycamp is here to provide a full day of mental and physical stimulation.


Located at the Pup Boutique in Campbelltown, Daycamp is to provide your dog one-on-one time with our trainers, working on building skills, helping them with impulse control and to help build confidence, such as; Crate training/exposure, loose leash walking, engagement, place training, trick training & café training

. Dogs are also able to experience socialisation and taught calmness around each other.

Depending on your dogs individual needs;

  • Socialisation

    • Training around other dogs. Dogs do not need to have physical play or interactions to socialise, dogs need to learn to exist in the world calmly and need to understand that not everyone and everything = play time. This helps and prevents leash reactivity. If your dog already has leash reactivity, it will take time for this to improve, but may not be 100% cured.

    • Controlled play

      • If deemed appropriate by our trainers, we may allow some play time with one or two other dogs attending the day. The reason for small groups is to make sure the dogs are feeling safe and not overwhelmed or overstimulated.

  • If your dog’s loose leash walking & engagement has improved with our trainers, we will provide your dog with a walk outside of the base location, we may take your dog to Petland or a local café.

    • Dogs doing well around the other dogs within the base, we will start introducing them to structured pack walks.

Contact us for more information

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