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Group Classes

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Learn new skills, build confidence and gain a strong relationship with your dog.  All our classes help you understand your dogs individual needs, as well as building confidence in your dog and yourself. Group classes are a fantastic way to socialise your dog.

Our classes are kept small to make sure all students are receiving the attention and assistance they need to learn and grow.

"We are here to help you every step of the way"

Located at the Pup Boutique in Campbelltown, we now offer a variety of group classes;

  • Puppy Pre-School (5-week course)

    • 8 - 13 weeks of age ​

    • Build new skills 

    • Understand your dogs behaviour and understand their needs

    • Tackle behavioural problems 

    • Most importantly have fun learning with your puppy

  • Pawsome Primary (Causal attendance)

    • 10 weeks - 6 months of age

    • Perfect for those who may have missed out on Pre-School or are looking for the next step before Adult classes 

    • Build new skills and learn to perfect old ones 

    • Work on manners when around new dogs and people

  • Show Offs Trick Class (6-week course)

    • From 10 weeks + of age

    • Learn new and fun tricks 

    • A great way to bond with your dog 

  • Basic Skills (6-week course)

    • From 6 months + of age

    • Learn how to start and proof your basic skills such as; Sit, drop, stay, loose leash walking

  • Life Skills (6-week course)

    • From 6 months + of age

    • Teaching relaxation 

    • Working on skills such as; Place training, loose leash walking, heel position, cafe' manners, touch targeting, sound & object exposure, as well as handling & restraint. 

. ​

To resister your interest or wanting more information contact us on

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