What can Paws Adventure offer your dog?

We help dogs learn to respond to a guide and socialize in a positive manner. It is always important to remember that every dog is different and may require adjustments to their sessions.

An important part of our service is our free meet and greets, this is a great way for your dog to learn who we are and that we are AMAZING and fun. Owners are also able to discuss with us about what they want from Paws Adventure, in order to be happy to trust us to take their dogs out.

Remember dogs are family!

Your dog will get to experience new environments, dogs, people and lots more to improve their social skills and experiences out in the world. 

Places your dog may visit: 

  • Dog parks 

  • Beaches 

  • Walking trials 

Session times and prices for a single dog (Inc GST):

1 hour: $33.00

3 hour: $38.50

Weather over 34 degrees all day sessions will be cancelled for the safety of your dog!

We may replace these sessions with a 2 hour evening adventure Summer Nights.

Session times and prices for 2 dogs (Inc GST):

1 hour: $44.00

3 hour: $74.80