Have questions? 

They maybe here, if not please contact us!

How many dogs do you take at a time?

Our large breed groups are kept to max 6 and small breeds are at a max of 8, however, this will depend on temperaments and staff experience. It is important we arrange our groups accordingly, making sure personalities do not clash with each other. 

Some dogs require smaller groups (max 3) or solos (one-on-one with staff), we will always let you know what we believe your dog requires for adventures. Every dog is different and we are aware they may have specific needs. 

Do you offer meet & greets?

We can definitely arrange a meet and greet with one of our handlers. We are happy to meet owners and dogs before their sessions to discuss what you are looking for and for yourself and your dog to get to know us. 

Please note that meet and greets will not exactly determine your dogs suitability when out, this can only be determine on your dogs first day. If your dog is not coping with the environment we will return them home from the session. 

Will I be charged if my dogs session is ended early?

Yes, if our staff have travelled to take your dog out and if there is behavioural issues, in which the dog needs to return home. You will still need to pay for our staff's travel and time. 

Do you have cancellation policies?

Yes, if you do not cancel within 24 hours of the session, you will incur a $25 cancellation fee. We have many clients wanting to book in with us and if we do not have enough notice we cannot fill this slot. 

The fee also applies if we arrive to collect the dog and they are not accessible. 

Does my dog need to have their vaccinations?

Yes, all dogs are required to have their full C5 vaccinations.