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Hydrobath and brush

Dog Wash

Coat examples:

Short: Fox Terrier, Jack Russell, Boston Terrier, Labrador, German Short Hair Pointer.

Medium: Cavalier, German Shepherd , Brittney Spaniel.

Long: Maltese, Cocker spaniel, Poodle, Old English Sheepdog, 

Breeds may vary. 

Large - Giant breeds

Dogs 31kg +

Short coat: $50

Medium coat: $80

Long coat: $95

Medium - Large breed

Dogs between 11-30 kg

Short coat: $45

Medium coat: $55

Long coat: $69

Our dog wash service is pick up and drop off, your dog will receive a brush to strip as much dead hair as possible. They then will have their hydrobath and blow dry, you will be sent photos of your dogs experience and your dog will have a yummy treat after their session.


Small breed

Dogs under 10kg

Short coat: $40

Medium coat: $45

Long coat: $55

*Double coated dogs, such as; Huskys, Malamutes, and Spitz breeds, may have a $25 surcharge for de-shedding treatment

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