Meet The Team


Leah Bria

Owner, Founder

Pawventure Leader and Certified Trainer

Our founder Leah started her career in the animal industry in 2010. Starting out as an Animal Care Taker at one of the largest veterinary clinics in Adelaide for three years, her passions only grew stronger for working with and helping animals. In 2013 her journey moved to Veterinary nursing, studying at TAFE for her qualification and moved to a new clinic working as a Vet nurse for the next four years, where she furthered her skills with animals and started teaching Puppy Pre-School classes within  the clinic. 

Slowly Leah became more and more interested in animal behaviour and decided to study the Karen Pryor Foundations course to learn more. The passion for animal behaviour grew and she wanted to start offering a new service, a mixture of daycare, walking and training. This brought Paws Adventure Daycare to life in 2017. 

Starting Paws Adventure Daycare as a one day a week service on her day off, she wanted to offer more. Ending her Vet Nursing career she took the leap to work more time on her business and working casually at a pet store. Continuing Puppy Pre-School classes and venturing to Level One training. 

Leah has since achieved her Karen Pryor Certification in 2019 and looks to further her studies in animal behavior. She also looks to study photography to add to her skills, as she loves getting incredible photos of our fury companions. 


  • Karen Pryor Academy, Puppy Start Right; 2021

  • Karen Pryor Academy, Professionals course; 2019

  • Karen Pryor Academy, Foundations Course; 2017 

  • Veterinary Nursing Certificate IV; 2014

  • Animal Studies Certificate II; 2010

  • Animal Studies Certificate I; 2008

  • Aquaculture Certificate I; 2008


  • To yet start another course

Leah's fur babies

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Rose Schultz

Pawventure Leader & Trainer

Rose started her career working with animals in 2014 when she decided to complete a certificate II in animal studies. Then in 2015 she went on to complete her certificate IV in veterinary nursing. During her studies Rose discovered she had a strong interest in animal behaviour, in particular working with animals with anxiety to help make life easier and happier for them. In 2017 Rose decided to give up vet nursing to work at a Pet Store where she could run puppy pre-school classes, but ended up taking a break from that when she became assistant manager.


In 2019 Rose decided to leave behind the pet store world to join Paw's Adventure Daycare so she could get back to doing what she really loved, working with dogs and helping make their lives as happy and enjoyable as possible! In the near future Rose hopes to start studying again to further her knowledge in animal behaviour and training.


  • Veterinary Nursing Certificate IV

  • Animal Studies Certificate II

  • Karen Pryor Academy, Foundations course; 2021


  • To yet start another course

Rose's fur babies

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Emilia Jaworek

Pawventure Leader & Trainee Trainer

Emilia has always had a big passion for working with animals, studying Animal studies in high school, to then heading to Adelaide Uni where she completed her Animal Science degree. 

She later moved to Perth where she worked in multiple animal shelters working with cats and dogs. 

With her companion Ari the Malamute X, she became interested in dog training and has done an incredible job working Ari so far. 

Coming back to Adelaide with Ari and her 2 cats, Emilia has been shadowing us since her return and now one of our trusted handlers. 

Her ultimate goal is to open an indoor doggy daycare in the Northern Suburbs, in which we are assisting with advice on regarding care and dog behaviour and we look forward to continue working together with both businesses once she is up and running. For now enjoy getting to know her.  


Bachelor in Animal Science ​


​Karen Pryor Academy, Professionals Course

Emilia's fur babies

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Wendy Warren

Pawventure Leader

Wendy is an Environmental Science researcher and ethical Cavoodle breeder living in the quiet  Adelaide Hills with her two dogs, Kuma and WIllow.

She began her journey into the pet industry as a dog groomer, nutritionist advisor and animal caretaker, with experience presenting workshops and assisting in for puppy pre-school.
She later worked for the RSPCA, where I passionately advocated for animal welfare and helped pair people up with their perfect forever pet.

Wendy has a focus to working towards further study in animal behaviour and zoology.


  • Honours in Environmental Biology

  • Bachelor in Ecology


Wendy's fur babies

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