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Puppy Home-School

Private in home puppy training program, tailored to help develop and teach your puppy.

Learn how to read your dogs behaviour, understand how to encourage desired behaviours and how to use management tools to stop unwanted behaviour. 

Our training uses force-free and positive reinforcement methods, allowing your puppy to become an enthusiastic and creative learner. 

Each week you will receive homework and suggestions, to build the desired behaviours.

4 week course 


Including GST

For puppies aged between 6-16 weeks.

Contact us today for further details!





Leah and her team have been working Reginald since he was a hyperactive 9 week old puppy! A lot of the behaviours that were causing some stress (he was a bitey, crazy energetic puppy who refused to settle down!!)- they helped us understand how to limit and redirect his behaviour and in no time at all we were seeing results. After some months of hard work he’s a really relaxed and pleasant dog! There was so much conflicting and counterintuitive information out there and Leah cut through it all with strategies tailored to our dog and our circumstances.

We now send Reggie out on adventure daycare with the girls and it’s been great for both his interactions and confidence with other dogs and our own peace of mind knowing he’s happy and busy!

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