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Group Adventures

Paws Adventure strives to provide the best service possible. With groups up to 5 dogs, we make sure they are appropriately matched with others within their session.

We keep owners informed on behaviour notes and will make suggestions that may be beneficial to their training, social learning and development

Pick up & Drop off

2 hour outing at dog approved locations

One dog: $50.00

Two dogs: $90.00 


Solo Walk

Some dogs are not suitable to a group session. There are many reasons for this, solo outings are a great option for those that prefer 1:1 human time.


Walk N Train

We encourage dogs to be mentally stimulated as well as physically stimulated, our Walk N Train sessions are perfect for this!

Occasionally Walk N Trains can also be used to help get your dogs to a place where they can be happy and enjoy group adventures.

We can help you with the following; 

  • Engagement training ​

  • Structured socialisation

  • Loose leash walking 

  • Recall 

  • Cafe' Manners 

  • Relaxation training 

  • Reactivity training

  • Also other desired behaviours you maybe looking for. 

One Dog:

1 hour = $70.00

2 hours = $95.00

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