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Dog Training

Aiming to equip dog owners with effective techniques. We offer various programs including, 1:1 private training, in-home puppy programs, and group classes. Such as Puppy School, Life Skills, and Manners N More. Our focus is on identifying and addressing behaviour issues, establishing prevention and management strategies, and teaching techniques for desired behaviour. We emphasize understanding canine body language, advocating for your dog, providing clear markers and cues, and choosing appropriate training equipment. We explain our equipment choices, avoid harmful methods, and prioritize your success in training your dog.

More information below of our training services


Private Training

Our  trainers are ready to assist you with 1:1 private consultations lasting between 60-90 minutes.


We can address a variety of needs, including basic skills such as sit, drop, stay, leave it, and more. Additionally, we can help with loose leash walking, recall training, behaviour concerns like jumping and barking, building confidence in anxious or nervous dogs, reinforcing relaxation, managing reactivity, and more.


Whatever your specific requirements, our trainers are equipped to provide personalized guidance to enhance your dog's skills and address



Puppy Home-School

If you have a new puppy under 6 months of age, our Puppy Home-School program is the program for you!


 This program includes 4 private sessions with our trainers who are experienced and educated in puppy development and training.


The benefits of Puppy Home-School include;

  • Creating good habits early on

  • Receiving prevention and management plans to curb unwanted behaviour

  • Gaining insights into puppy development

  • Understanding how dogs learn

  • Learning effective approaches to typical puppy problems such as biting, jumping, and barking.

  • Assisting in your puppies toilet training


Start your journey with your puppy on the right paw. As this is a comprehensive and personalized approach to setting a strong foundation for your puppy's development and behaviour.


Group Classes

Our teams offer, puppy classes and group sessions across various locations, aiming to empower dog owners for success in shaping their canine companions into well-rounded individuals. Gain insights into your dog's development and learning processes while understanding the factors that influence their behaviour.


Our classes offer structured socialization opportunities, teaching your dog to thrive in diverse environments and fostering a stronger bond between you and your pet. Tailored to meet the specific needs of the participants, each class is designed to provide individualized support, ensuring you derive maximum benefit from every session. We are dedicated to supporting our clients at every step of their journey as responsible dog owners.

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